Adventure Traveling In The Caribbean: Where To Stay And What To Expect

Most people go to the Caribbean to find a nice, posh resort in which to relax. Not you. You crave adventure and exciting new experiences. To you, a vacation is not the time to sit on a beach all day, every day. No, quite the contrary; you want to explore and see things unparalleled by anything else in the world. Thankfully, in the Caribbean, you can find what you are looking for. Here is where an adventure traveler might go and stay, and what you can expect once you are there.


If you are like most tourists, then you have never heard of Guanaja. Surprisingly, you should have, considering that this island was discovered by Columbus on his fourth voyage to the New World. If you want adventure, there is more than enough to be found here.

For starters, you can snorkel and dive to discover the world's second largest barrier reef. The coral is teeming with tropical fish and other colorful fascinating creatures here. Just be very mindful of the sharks.

Then there are the treasure hunters and divers. Since Columbus's time, dozens of European ships (mostly Spanish galleons) traversed the ocean and tried to make it to the lands Columbus described. Some were damaged and sank. Those that sank may have carried millions in gold and jewels, treasures you can resurrect either for the finder's fee, or to keep.

Finally, you may want to hike about the island, as there are several gorgeous tropical waterfalls. The truly adventurous may even want to peek behind a couple falls that have caves behind them. Be careful though; some of the caves are filled with giant bats, rodents, massive spiders and tarantulas, and even snakes!

Where to Stay in Guanaja

There are a select handful of resort hotels on the island when it comes to Guanaja accommodations. They are close to, or in, the major cities on the island. When you check in, ask the desk clerk about all the favorite adventure activity hot spots.

Do not skip out on parasailing and hang gliding either, which provide some spectacular views of the island from above the water and above the ground. If you do not know how to snorkel or scuba dive, there are instructors on the island. You may also want to give surfing a try, if you are an experienced and powerful swimmer. There are instructors available for learning how to surf, too.