How Do You Find The Best Hotel Conference Room For A Family Reunion?

Families who maintain their ties and make an effort to see one another over time are more likely to stay close, so family reunions are always important. Hotel conference rooms make an excellent place for family get-togethers because the places are large enough to cater to a large guest list and easy to find. However, picking a hotel to have the family reunion can be somewhat of a challenge. There are a few things you can do to ensure you find the best possible hotel conference room for your family reunion event.  

Pick a location that is as equally distanced from relatives as possible. 

Families are perhaps more scattered now than they have ever been, and it will be impossible to pick a location that suits everyone on your guest list. However, look at hotels that are as equally distanced as possible from the family members who will have to travel. Even though it can take a little more effort to find the right conference room at the right hotel location, doing the extra work will help you ensure as many guests as possible can make it to the event. If most relatives will be flying in, consider a hotel near the airport for convenience. 

Find out if the hotel will offer discounted room rates for traveling guests.

Traveling for a family reunion can be challenging for those who live a long way away, and they will be looking to save money in any way they can, especially when it comes to where they stay. Of course, it is convenient if guests can grab a room at the hotel where the reunion is held, so a lot of hotels will offer discounted room rates if you rent their conference space for your family gathering. Before picking a specific hotel conference room, make sure you ask about room rate discounts for your guests. 

Check out the policies on blocks of rooms or hospitality rooms. 

Once the reunion is over and time is up in the conference room for you and your family members, it is not uncommon for everyone to continue to mingle later into the night. Some hotels, anticipating this natural occurrence, will offer what is referred to as a hospitality room where the remaining guests can hang out and talk for a while. Additionally, make sure you find out if the hotel can offer a block of rooms so family members can sleep in close proximity to one another at the hotel.