5 Reasons To Visit Pigeon Forge This Season

Got time off or a vacation coming up? Escape the rat race and enjoy a simpler way of life -- and lots of sunshine -- in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. A short drive from major southeastern cities like Charlotte and Atlanta, this is the perfect destination when you want to unwind and unplug from a harried schedule or hectic lifestyle.

Here are five reasons to bring the family to Pigeon Forge this season:

1. The Amusements

Perhaps the biggest draw to Pigeon Forge, TN is the famous Dolly Parton family theme park; this site includes amusements, a water park, dinner shows, and a resort. If you prefer to stay off-site, you have numerous cabin rental options in the nearby Smoky Mountains. In fact, you could plan an entire holiday or vacation in Pigeon Forge, staying at Dolly Parton's exclusive resort and visiting the various parks and attractions on-site.

2. The Food

If you enjoy home-cooked, Southern food like fried chicken or mac and cheese, you will love the fare in Tennessee! In fact, Pigeon Forge is home to several fine eateries, including a renowned family restaurant with a Texas stampede theme which is fun for all ages. From food trucks to five-star restaurants, you won't leave Pigeon Forge hungry!

3. The Shopping

There is a lot to be said for the shopping in Pigeon Forge. This area is appealing to artisans and crafters, and visitors will have their pick of handcrafted goods like apparel, bedding, and quilts. You might also score items that are difficult to find ordinarily, like handsewn pageant dresses, for instance.

4. The Weather

Another reason why tourists flock to Tennessee is the comfortable climate. The mild weather makes Pigeon Forge a perfect vacation destination any time of the year. With average temperatures in spring and fall of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the winters are mild, 50 degrees on average, and summers are hot but not harsh, usually in the 80s. Don't forget about the warm, balmy breeze that you will get coming off the Smoky Mountain range, too!

5. The Hospitality

The fact is that you can't beat the hospitality that you will find when you arrive in Pigeon Forge. The people are welcoming and warm, willing to do what they can to make your stay enjoyable. From the bars to the lodging, the people in Pigeon Forge are among the most hospitable you will find!

If you need some time away to reconnect with the family, consider a trip to the Dolly Parton family theme park in Pigeon Forge. Consider these five compelling reasons to make the journey with your loved ones -- and go home restored and rejuvenated.