4 Health And Safety Tips For First Time Yacht Passengers

Yacht charters allow anyone to experience the pleasure of traveling the open sea, even if they don't have a yacht of their own. You can take a trip on a crewed yacht to any seaside destination you like. Just make sure seasickness and other easily preventable concerns don't ruin your trip. Here are some health and safety tips that will allow you to enjoy your yacht charter experience:

1. Pay attention to the safety orientation

Yacht charters are piloted by captains with years of experience. Their only goal is to give you an excellent, safe yacht trip. Following basic safety protocols will help you stay safe out on the sea. During your safety orientation, your captain will explain the safety features aboard the ship. They will tell you where life vests and life rafts can be found, and they'll tell you what to do in case of an emergency. Pay close attention to everything you learn because it will come in handy in case of an unpredictable emergency.

2. Talk to a crew member if you experience seasickness

Seasickness doesn't affect everyone, but some people are particularly susceptible to it. Seasickness is a form of motion sickness that can occur due to the rocking motion of the waves. Choppy waters are more likely to cause seasickness. If you begin to feel ill during your yacht charter, speak to a crew member as soon as possible. They're trained to help passengers who experience nausea and dizziness. You may be instructed to stay on deck to get fresh air and to keep your eye on a fixed point on the horizon. These small actions can help your body restore its equilibrium so you can feel better and get back to enjoying your yacht trip.

3. Stay hydrated

It's important to stay hydrated while you're out on the water. The sun can be particularly intense when you're out at sea because it's reflected back to you from the water all around you. Dehydration can sneak up on you if you aren't careful. Many yacht charters provide complimentary champagne or mixed drinks. Feel free to indulge in these beverages but make sure you get enough water into your system too. Keep a glass of water nearby so you can easily hydrate whenever you feel thirsty.

4. Apply sunscreen

When traveling through cooler climates, you may not feel the sun's heat. However, ultraviolet rays are always a threat. Apply sunscreen whenever you plan to spend time aboard the deck of your yacht charter. A sunburn can make any yachting trip much less fun, so protect yourself with a broad spectrum, high SPF sunscreen.