Not Sure What To Do Next Summer? Why You Should Book A Tour Of Washington DC

If you're in the process of planning your summer vacation, it's time to put a Washington DC tour at the top of the list. You might not think that a tour of Washington DC would provide the backdrop for a fun vacation, but that's not the case. In fact, there are a variety of activities for you to enjoy while in Washington DC. Here are just four of the many reasons to book a Washington DC tour for next summer. 

Tour the Museums

If you enjoy museums, Washington DC is the perfect place for you to spend your vacation. You might not realize this, but Washington DC has many museums for you to enjoy. While in Washington DC, you can tour the Smithsonian Institute, which actually includes twenty separate museums. You can also tour the National Museum of Natural History, the Newseum, and National Gallery of Art. That's just a few of the museums and galleries you can enjoy while touring Washington DC.

Participate in Politics

If you're interested in politics, Washington DC is one of the best places for a vacation. While in Washington DC, you can tour the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments while you're in DC, you can sit through a session. You can also sit through sessions of Congress, if you make prior arrangements. This is an excellent way to participate in politics and to gain a better understanding of how the US government runs. 

Explore Historic Sites

If you enjoy exploring historical sites, Washington DC is the place for you. Washington DC is rich in historical sites. Ford's Theater is one of the famous historical sites that you can visit while you're in Washington DC. If you're not familiar, Ford's Theater is where President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. You can also tour the Peterson House, which is the private residence where President Lincoln died. There are other historical sites, including the Washington Union Station, which was built in 1908. 

Enjoy Culinary Delights

Finally, if you like to fill your vacation with plenty of food and drink, it's time to book a tour of Washington DC. You'll find an assortment of dining experiences to enjoy. In fact, you can dine in a five-star restaurant one night, while enjoying the local food trucks the next night. You can also tour the local vineyards for a taste of some of the nation's best wines.